Some of the Bay Area companies that have benefited from EnglishWorks' trainings:

LinkedIn, San Francisco          

Microsoft, San Francisco

Adobe Systems, San Jose

Google, San Bruno

Facebook, Menlo Park

YouTube, San Bruno

UCSF, San Francisco

Airbnb, San Francisco

Square, San Francisco

Betable, San Francisco

Bank of the West, San Francisco

Cell Mark, Novato

Gilead, Foster City

Grifols, Emeryville

OneSkin Technologies, San Francisco

Icore International, Santa Rosa     

Parmatech Corporation, Petaluma

TapJoy, San Francisco

Veeco Instruments, Fremont

What clients are saying...


"I'm an engineer from Greece living in the S.F. Bay Area. I did 15 sessions of accent training with Ms. Knoop. The training was very effective and exceeded my expectations. It first helped me understand my weaknesses and pitfalls. It then taught me how to handle them and effectively improve myself over time. My coach spotted the key issues and helped by specializing the lessons for me.


People rarely ask me to repeat myself now and it mostly happens because of the external environment (e.g. a lot of noise). This is a huge improvement. Whenever I don't speak in a clear way I realize it immediately and correct myself. 


I am much more comfortable and confident now in English. I would highly recommend this training because it helps in multiple ways. It can help somebody improve his accent and expression while realizing important concepts of the English language. After that it's much easier to self-improve your skills.


It has been a great experience and pleasure doing this training. Ms. Knoop is a skilled, supportive, and pleasant coach to work with.


I occasionally revisit my video sessions and try to improve myself. I intend to periodically get additional sessions."

Christos M., Founder of startup, Palo Alto. Language: Greek


"I am a founder and a CEO of a biotech startup based in the Bay Area. I started working with Michelle when I had an event to attend as a speaker in Paris in October of last year. Michelle helped me a lot to identify where my main mistakes were, and not only in my pronunciation but also in the word stress patterns, the rhythm, the differences in the vowels sounds and so on. Being aware of what I should improve made a huge difference for me. Now, when I speak I pay much more attention to some specific points, sounds, or words. Michelle has a great methodology to train you how to breathe correctly, how to practice sounds that are not present in our original language and this is really helpful for you to become clearer and understood in general. Michelle is a great coach, I am glad to have learned so much with her, and I will keep working to get to the level that I aim for. It takes time, you need to commit yourself and have discipline to see the results."

Carolina R., CEO & Founder of Biotech startup, San Francisco. Language: Spanish

"My goals were to get more fluent, to feel confident when I speak for both the grammar and pronunciation. I wanted to get more vocabulary, be able to use phrasal verbs, idioms, and prepositions more: not only be able to understand them but be able to use them. When I started the course, I didn't talk much. I'm too strict so I was limiting myself because I wanted to be really good and didn't feel confident. Even though I had everything in my head it wouldn't come out right. Now I have stopped over-thinking, just let it flow, and it works!

I have learned so much from this training. From the simplest pronunciation of each vowel, combinations of consonants, where to put the emphasis on phrasal nouns and verbs, and the rules of word stress. I have learned how to say /z/ and /i/ correctly, I have an understanding of phrasal verbs and I use them more often. I've also improved my grammar, especially when I write emails at work. I don't hesitate now and I use different words in my emails too.

My pronunciation has also improved. Words I thought I was saying right before, I was not! I feel more confident now. It has helped me to socialize more in English, to ask more questions. My fluency and accent have all gotten better. I'm using a lot of new words that I hadn't used before.

Cinthia V., Export Coordinator, Novato. Language: Spanish

"I'm a Software Engineer from Germany, living in the Bay Area for 2 years now. people kept on asking me to repeat what I said due to my pronunciation. I realized I had to do something about it. After analyzing my accent, Ms. Knoop created an individual training plan for me. We started with pronouncing vowels and consonants and went to on to stress, intonation, and linking words. Since taking the course, my accent has improved enormously. People ask me way less often to repeat myself and I feel more confident when I speak. I now have the tools to further improve the way I speak and I am able to correct myself easily. Michelle is a very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, motivating and patient coach. Her training was extremely effective and the sessions exceeded my expectations. Therefore, I am highly recommending Michelle as an English coach - my time and money were well invested."

David Gorges, Software Engineer - native language: German


"I had a great experience with EnglishWorks. I took 10 lessons. My goal was to improve my pronunciation to be more confident in speaking English for business purposes. After every class I had access to the lesson notes and audio recordings. I can feel the difference in my pronunciation skills. It was worth it. I really recommend this coach."

Marcelo M. Software Entrepeneur - native language: Portugese


​"Michelle is a very personable and professional coach. She honed right in on what I was doing that was causing misunderstandings. She got me to hear it, self-correct, and then change my patterns of speaking. My colleagues noticed the difference within a few weeks!"

Huang J, Software Engineer - native language: Cantonese


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