Accent Coaching Course Descriptions
Coaching sessions generally take place once a week for 75 minutes in-person or online.


This ten-session course is designed to improve your intelligibility and confidence in speaking American English, and to achieve lasting new speech habits. It includes a pre-course speech analysis and report which is used to tailor the sessions to your needs. This course covers the following:

  • Vowels, consonants, clusters 

  • Vowel and syllable length

  • ​Voiced and voiceless phonemes

  • ​Word and sentence stress patterns

  • ​Rhythm, phrasing, melody

  • ​​Intonation patterns

  • Linking and reduction​​

  • Breathe, volume, rate of speech,​  voice, and projection​

  • Warm-ups

  • Body Language


This course integrates accent and English skills and includes lots of practice. It covers everything in the 10-week course, as well as English structure and vocabulary, presence, and presentation to get you communicating with confidence and finesse. Extra focus given to the following:

  • Stress patterns​​​​

  • Intonation​​

  • Rhythm, phrasing, melody ​​

  • Challenging consonants, clusters, and vowels​

  • Presence & presentation skills

  • Grammar & idioms

  • Practice & synthesis



  ​Accent Coaching Includes:

  • ​​Your speech assessment report

  • American Accent Workbook

  • Video recordings of online sessions​ (downloadable)

  • Customized worksheets and practice exercises


Presentations and Presence


  • command & stature

  • authenticity

  • gestures & body language

  • eye contact

  • voice & volume

  • managing anxiety

  • prununciation

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