American Accent Coaching


Why accent coaching?​


The purpose of accent coaching is to enable you to communicate clearly, confidently, and accurately in English, while maintaining your cultural identity. The goal is to be understood and to communicate with confidence, not to eliminate your native accent completely. Think of it as adding the Standard North American accent to your repertoire.


How long does it take?​​

Measurable results can usually be had in twelve sessions. With motivation, people can achieve up to 80% improvement in their speaking skills in 12-18 sessions. After completing the course you enter the self-correction stage, which lasts several months, when you integrate your new awareness into habit. You have the tools to self-correct so that you continue to make progress independently. Soon your new skills are transformed into new behavior and your speech patterns change.

How does it work?

Recent research has shown that the brain has plasticity and can change even in older adults. By training intensely, kinesthetically, and systematically, we are able to take advantage of the brain's plasticity to effect change in accent.

We relearn speech habits first by hearing the differences in sounds, then producing them consciously, until with continued awareness, new speech behavior becomes internalized and natural. The coach supports this process by providing targeted modeling and feedback, and kinesthetic techniques in conjunction with vocal and articulation exercises. The trainee does reinforcement exercises at regular intervals between sessions. Eventually new behavior becomes "wired" in the brain.

​What about audio visual programs?

Audio and DVD programs can provide information on what makes accent, and can offer tips for change, but they are no substitute for one-on-one coaching. A good accent coach provides personal, immediate feedback, as well as a syllabus targeted directly at your needs. In addition, the emotional content inherent in the interaction between client and coach creates context, which stimulates the brain and memory in a way no DVD can do.

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