Accent Coaching Course Descriptions
Coaching sessions generally take place once a week for 75 minutes in-person or online.
Full Course


This ten-session course is designed to improve your intelligibility and confidence in speaking American English, and to achieve lasting new speech habits. Includes a pre-course speech analysis to tailor the sessions to your needs. This course covers the following:

  • Vowels, consonants, clusters 

  • Vowel and syllable length

  • ​Voiced and voiceless phonemes

  • ​Word and sentence stress patterns

  • ​Rhythm, phrasing, melody

  • ​​Intonation patterns

  • Linking and reduction​​

  • Breathe, volume, rate of speech,​  voice, and projection​

  • Warm-ups

  • Body Language

Follow-Up Course​

A five-session course may be taken following the full course in order to deepen and integrate new habits in the following areas:​​​​​



  • Stress patterns​​​​

  • Intonation​​

  • Rhythm, phrasing, melody ​​

  • Challenging consonants, clusters, and vowels​

  • ​Feedback on self-correction and incorporation of techniques for changing habits



Introductory Course

​The three-session course serves as an introduction to accent coaching and covers the segmental sounds of English which make up pronunciation. Upon completion, there is an option to roll it into the basic 10-week course. Topics covered are:

  • ​The American English vowel sounds

  • The American English consonants

  • Overview of English stress and rhythm




  ​Accent Coaching Includes:

  • ​​Your speech assessment report

  • American Accent Workbook

  • Video recordings of online sessions​ (downloadable)

  • Customized worksheets and practice exercises

Single Sessions​

​Individual session may be scheduled as refreshers or to prepare for upcoming events such as a presentation, speech, or meeting.

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