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English Language 

One-on-one English coaching create a more inclusive workplace, and boost efficiency, safety, morale, retention, and promotion. Classes for beginner to advanced levels are custom designed to fit the needs and schedules of your company.


American accent and English training for the workplace and beyond

"Ten hours of accent coaching with EnglishWorks helped me speak English with more clarity and confidence. It was intense and fast-paced. I am ​now achieving my professional goals in going into management."

​Lee Seung Heung, government administrator

South Korea

We also offer private language coaching

"Ms. Knoop is a highly skilled instructor with a toolkit full of techniques to address each trainee's needs.The classes strengthened rapport between employees, built confidence in English, and improved communication. It was a wonderful way to acknowledge, benefit, and offer a bonus to our hardworking employees."

Melissa Tentnowski, Human Resources

Parmatech Corporation

American Accent

​Accent coaching gets the highly skilled, advanced speaker to the next level of English excellence. Coaching will give you the tools to communicate with clarity and self-assurance in meetings, trainings, presentations, consultations, and social events.


"EnglishWorks' accomplished instructor provided on-site classes for up to 25 trainees with diverse learning levels and a variety of first languages... Her expertise was instrumental in improving the all-important conversations between colleagues and supervisors at work."

Kathleen Kearney, Coordinator

Workforce Training, Santa Rosa Junior College

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