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The EnglishWorks Method


EnglishWorks' unique method is especially designed for the challenge of the workplace with its multilevel, working adults from various linguistic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. We use a results-driven syllabus custom-designed for each group of learners.


We use a communicative method where language is contextualized through role playing, storytelling, simulations, whole body movement, conversation, and practice. Even at beginning levels, learners can communicate in English. Grammar and vocabulary are incorporated naturally into lessons as needed to facilitate communication. With EnglishWorks' method, learners achieve both fluency and accuracy naturally, rapidly, and enjoyably.

Reading and Writing Skills Course


Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation

Based on assessments, this course will be custom designed for participants' levels and needs.

Areas of study include:


  • Grammar

  • Fluency and Conversation Strategies

  • Listening Comprehension and Clarification

  • Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions

  • Multicultural Issues in the Workplace

​​Based on assessments, this course would be custom designed for participants' levels and needs.

Areas of study would include:

  • Grammar and Punctuation

  • Spelling

  • Rhetorical and Organizational Styles for Reports,
    Proposals, Business Letters and Other Forms

  • Reading Comprehension for Big Ideas and Details

  • ​Editing and Proofreading

​Classes may include up to 15 participants and may be scheduled at the workplace before, after, or during the workday. Sessions meet one to three times a week for 2 hours.
​Assessments are administered to all participants pre- and post-course and provided to employers and participants.​
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