American Accent Coaching

Why accent coaching?

The purpose of accent coaching is to enable you to communicate clearly, confidently, and accurately in English, while maintaining your cultural identity. The goal is to be understood and to communicate with confidence, not to eliminate your native accent completely. Think of it as adding the Standard North American accent to your repertoire.

How long does it take? ​​

There are several phases in the process of changing accent. In the first phase, you acquire the tools you need to create change. Noticeable differences can occur in the first few weeks. After completing a course, you will have the tools to move into the next phase: integration. This is where you continue to use your new skills and will self-correct until they become habit. This phase can take up to a year or more and continues even after you finish your course. As you use your new tools, you will integrate them more and more until eventually you use them without conscious effort. 

How does it work?

Recent research has shown that the brain has plasticity, the ability to change, and can change even in older adults. By training intensely, kinesthetically, and systematically, you take advantage of the brain's plasticity to affect change in accent.

We relearn speech habits first by hearing the differences in sounds, then producing them consciously, until with continued awareness, new speech behavior becomes internalized and natural. The coach supports this process by providing targeted modeling and feedback, and kinesthetic techniques in conjunction with vocal and articulation exercises. The trainee does reinforcement exercises at regular intervals between sessions. Eventually new behavior becomes "wired" in the brain.

Why use an accent coach?

Audio-visual programs, language apps, and books can provide information on what makes an accent, and can offer tips for change, but they are no substitute for one-on-one coaching. A good accent coach provides personal, immediate feedback, as well as a syllabus targeted directly at your needs. In addition, the emotional content inherent in the interaction between client and coach creates context, which stimulates the brain and memory in a way no app can do.


Michelle is an amazing teacher and coach. Her work on my accent has been effective and also helped to turn studying English into a daily habit. Many people who come from Iran struggle with TH and V/W in their English pronunciation and I'm no exception, but working with Michelle really helped. She's super organized, persistent, and fun to work with.


Reza, IT Security Specialist 

 Native Language: Farsi

Since taking the course, my accent has improved enormously. People ask me way less often to repeat myself and I feel more confident when I speak. I now have the tools to further improve the way I speak and I am able to correct myself easily. Michelle is a very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, motivating and patient coach. Her training was effective and the sessions exceeded my expectations.

David, Software Engineer

Native Language: German

Michelle has a great methodology to train you how to breathe correctly, and how to practice sounds that are not present in our original language This is really helpful for you to become more clear and understood in general. Michelle is a great coach, I am glad to have learned so much with her.

Carolina, founder & CEO of biotech startup - Native Language: Portuguese