Courses meet once weekly for ten, fifteen, or twenty weeks.  Your coach will determine which program best meets your needs during a complimentary pre-course consultation.

Courses Include

  • ​​Diagnostic assessments pre- and post-course

  • The American Accent Workbook (hard copy and digital)

  • Customized worksheets and exercises for your specific issues

  •  Between-session email support

  •  Video recordings of online sessions​ (downloadable)



  • Stress & reduction

  • Intonation patterns

  • Vowels & syllable length

  • Rhythm, phrasing, melody ​​

  • Consonants & clusters

  •  Voice & breath

  •  Volume & rate of speech

  • Practice & habit changing



  • Vocabulary enhancement strategies

  • Socializing & conversation skills

  • Idioms & usage

  • Culture

  • Pronunciation 

  • Verb tenses

  • Structure & error correction


"I noticed a HUGE improvement in my English speaking since I started working with Michelle. People now understand me better and it feels amazing. I no longer have that barrier between me and real me, if you know what I mean."


Arman, Construction Manager, Native Language: Farsi

"Michelle is passionate. She is very good at observing any English-speaking problem and finding a way to fix it. I highly recommend the training session that EnglishWorks offers."


Ian, Software Engineering Manager

Native Language: Mandarin

"It is hard to do justice to Michelle's fluency courses, how good they are. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the classes. Learning a new language includes learning new cultures. Michelle provides topics about the world that are interesting and challenging. She has developed intelligent courses that can help many."

Alice, Graphic Designer

 Native Language: French

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