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to improve 
your American accent.

 Michelle Knoop

American accent and English training for the workplace and beyond

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American Accent

​Accent coaching gets the highly skilled, advanced speaker to the next level of English excellence. Coaching will give you the tools to communicate with clarity and self-assurance in meetings, trainings, presentations, consultations, trainings, and social events.

English Fluency

​One-on-one English coaching can raise your English fluency skills and help you express yourself with ease and confidence. Since your course is targeted to your specific level and needs, you can realize your goals effectively and efficiently.

 I began feeling the difference in my accent
after a couple of sessions with Michelle


All the tips she gave were very useful and personalized and focused to the areas you need to improve...I definitely suggest her accent reduction class if you are looking to invest in yourself to improve your communication skills. This is a great, fully personalized program and you will see the difference instantly. 


Yalcin, IT Consultant / Native language: Turkish

Companies that have benefited from EnglishWorks' trainings

Adobe, Agari, Airbnb, Bank of the West, Betable, CellMark, Facebook, Gilead, Google, Grifols, LinkedIn, Microsoft, OneSkin, Parmatech, Sila Nanotechnologies, Square, Tapjoy, University California San Francisco, Veeco, YouTube