If you are a foreign-born professional, American Accent and English Skills Courses can give you the tools to​

  • Communicate with clarity and confidence
  • Achieve your personal
    and professional goals​​
  • ​​Use English to succeed

We offer accent modification coaching or communication skills training at your workplace in the San Francisco Bay Area, or live, online, one-on-one from almost anywhere in the world.


Contact us for a free introductory session at

(415) 595-0362 or  email now

Your free session takes about 30 minutes.

Learn how accent modification coaching works, get feedback on your speech, and discuss a course plan to fit your needs.

 Get Results​


Accent Skills

​You are fluent in English, but because you use English daily in your work, it is important that you speak with clarity, self-assurance, and decisiveness in meetings, trainings, presentations, consultations, and social events. You would like to improve your accent, communcation competence, and intercultural skills.

​"This accent reduction program gave me exactly​ what I needed to be a better English speaker. It was intense and  fast-paced. I am ​now achieving my professional goals by going into management."

​Lee Seung Heung, Civil Servant, South Korea

Flexible and Customized

English Skills

​You want to raise your English level and be more confident, fluent, and accurate at work and in social situations. You would like to improve your fluency, accuracy, writing, conversation, pronunciation, and cross cultural communication skills.


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