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What Works: Language in the Workplace

By Michelle Deya Knoop


First Press Release!

For Immediate Release 8/13/2014


Local ESL Instructor Improves Business Opportunities for Foreign-Born Professionals

Coaching Methods Produce Big Results


Santa Rosa. CA - EnglishWorks language coaching is literally changing the lives and livelihood of its students. The program provides American Accent Coaching and English classes in the workplace. Founder and coach Michelle Deya Knoop, MA has developed a unique teaching method and “toolkit” to effect dramatic change for foreign speakers. Her program enables motivated, educated professionals from any country to speak English using the rhythm, melody, and sounds of American English. Knoop uses a detailed diagnostic and a systematic syllabus to target individual speech issues. "The goal is accent clarity," says Knoop, who uses the standard American accent as the target.  "With the ability to communicate clearly and confidently, English becomes our ally, not our enemy." With the launch of her new programs she is offering a discounted, 3-hour introductory course until December – see site for details and more information. Visit or call 415-595-0362.


"Ms. Knoop is an accomplished ESL instructor. She provided on-site classes for trainees with diverse learning levels and a variety of first languages. Her expertise in pronunciation and accent were instrumental in improving the all-important conversations between colleagues and supervisors at work."

Kathleen Kearney, Coordinator

Workforce Training, Santa Rosa Junior College


"Our accents are an integral part of our identity, our culture, our personality. Most of us are proud of our native language. The rub comes when you can't be understood and people are too polite to say so. If others have difficulty understanding you when you speak or you are passed up for promotions and get stuck in a job there really are techniques you can learn to remedy this." Knoop says.

Ms. Knoop's success is due to her systematic syllabus targeting the individual's specific needs. The coaching is intense, focused, rigorous, and uses techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Clients who struggle to be understood in English can transition to speaking with ease and clarity in as few as 10 hours. After a diagnostic interview, Knoop performs a thorough analysis of speech, and from that she creates a course plan. Courses include American vowel sounds, the rhythm and melody of American English, challenging sounds like /r/ and /l/, as well as the innovative use of breath, voice, and posture work.


"Michelle is a very personable and professional coach. She honed right in on what was causing misunderstandings. She got me to hear it, self-correct, and then change my patterns of speaking. My colleagues noticed the difference within a few weeks!

Huang J, Employee

Adobe Systems


To schedule a course, a complimentary 40-minute introductory session, or to find out more about scheduling classes at your workplace, contact Knoop at 415.595.0362, email at  - visit website at


About Michelle Deya Knoop, MA


A teacher for over 25 years, Knoop has been an instructor in the ESL departments at Santa Rosa Junior College and the Workforce Development Program, San Francisco City College and San Jose State. She has provided ESL classes for local wineries and manufacturing companies for over 9 years. She has also coached language and accent in San Francisco and other communities including in South Korea, and private companies around the Bay Area. In 2010 she specialized in American Accent Coaching with Rebecca Linquist, well respected language coach in Silicon Valley, CA. Knoop received her MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from San Francisco State University in 1995.


Born in Mallorca, Spain, she grew up in San Francisco, CA. She has lived in South Korea, Mexico, and Costa Rica and now Santa Rosa with her family - she enjoys hiking and the outdoors, and spending time with her 2 children.





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